Being a Marriage and Family Therapist means being trained to actively listen to your concerns with compassion and help you to express your needs in a way that allows you to be heard. As a trained Parenting Coordinator Andy has specialized skills to help you develop the right Parenting Plan to meet your family’s needs.

Being a Family Law Attorney means having comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the law, the legal system and the family court to help you navigate unfamiliar waters effectively. Margaret has vigorously represented parties in litigated divorce and custody matters.  As a Special Master she has experience in helping resolve a wide range of divorce and family issues. As a Guardian ad Litem, she has advocated for the best interests of hundreds of children in contested custody actions.

We offer gender balance. You’ve heard the saying, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. Men and women often see through differing lenses. We will help you negotiate your way through this challenging time and hear each other’s needs while staying on the pathway of fair and peaceful resolution.