Divorce mediation is a family-centered, confidential process. We are trained to guide you as neutral and objective third parties. Using our combined expertise we help divorcing couples work through the issues and decisions of a divorce in a collaborative framework.

Mediation focuses on mutual problem solving and the best interests of the entire family instead of focusing on adversity, competition and anger. It is self-determinative; you remain in control of decisions for your life.

Mediation helps you restructure your family by focusing on the future instead of getting stuck blaming for the past. We will help you re-learn to communicate and identify your needs and goals – not your positions.

Mediation occurs in an informal and safe environment rather than the adversarial and contentious environment of the courthouse. Mediators never make decisions. Rather, we will guide you through the decision-making process. This means that the most intimate details of your future life are not left in the hands of strangers, be it a judge or lawyers battling out strategic positions.

Mediation is empowering as you work toward making an agreement that you both think is fair. Mediation is NOT arbitration. You can decide to end the process whenever you want to.

Mediation is significantly less expensive than the traditional adversarial process. Mediated agreements have higher satisfaction and compliance than agreements imposed by a third party, i.e. a judge.

Mediation holds the potential to bring peace and dignity to the most difficult time.

Let there be no quarrel between us, for we are family; let us separate gently;
May your house be your house, and may my house be my house, and may strife and contentions not rule our hearts.

Interpretive translation Genesis 13:8-9