Though you have decided not to remain a couple, from the perspective of your children you remain a family! Families are systems, and when one part of a system isn’t working smoothly, the entire system suffers. In the case of family restructuring following a divorce or the break-up of parents, the part of the system that typically suffers the most is the kids.

Your decision to mediate speaks volumes about your regard for yourself, your co-parent, and most of all for your children. When you litigate your divorce or custody matter, the focus is frequently on highlighting the negatives about the other side, who in actuality is one half of the children you deeply love.  Too often, by the time a court case has concluded, so much acrimony has developed that it is then extremely difficult to parent your children together.  Using a combination of active listening skills, therapeutic techniques and education, we support the entire family through the process. You will not only work through your divorce/custody issues, but also develop the skills necessary to deal with one another in a more business-like fashion, preparing you for the challenging work of co-parenting that lies ahead.